May 2014 | The LF Podcast

The Eternal Night of The Vampire

An LF Podcast Survival Special

It's finally happened. The dead have risen... but contrary to current popular fiction it's not slow-moving, unthinking zombies we need to worry about. It's smart, strong, fast and devastatingly attractive Vampires!

It's been a while since we - Liberation Frequency - saved anyone from anything: zombies are old news, aliens aren't gonna show up any time soon and the 'rise of the machines'is unavoidable, if somewhat delayed.

But what about Vampires? Do you know what to do when dusk falls for the last time? How do you ambush a vampire? Would you allow yourself to be turned for the benefit of mankind... or yourself? They're are a pretty sneaky, powerful (and not to mention sexy) bunch...

With this episode of the Liberation Frequency Podcast, we present our forth Survival special. Tune in and perhaps you'll survive until dawn!


April 2014 | The LF Podcast

Reading Beyond The Lines

LF Podcast Episode 34

What was the last book or comic you read? How long has it been? 

In this, the last in our mini-series which discusses how we consume different types of media, we take a look at books & comics. Everything from Kindles to iPads, Comics apps to Audio Books and why we might prefer the real thing.

Also in this episode: Orange is the New Black, Miami Vice and True Detective.

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for details our forth-coming survival guide: Under the Fang!



March 2014 | The LF Podcast

(Next) Saturday night at the movies

LF Podcast Episode 33

A night at the movies. What does that mean to you? What will it mean in the future On this episode of the LF we continue our look at the present and future of how we consume our favourite fiction. This time, it's all about going to the cinema... or theater... or movies...

We also take a look at some more TV series we've been catching up on: Denis has been binge watching Arrow, Gavin has been watching The Wire, Dan has been catching up with Boardwalk Empire and Imran is finally on the Breaking Bad bandwagon.


Febuary 2014 | The LF Podcast

Don't Adjust your sets!

LF Podcast Episode 32

What's on TV? It used to be such an easy question to answer, but these days, it's not so straight forward. First you have to ask "What is TV?" Increasingly, it's actually another device, not necessarily even in the home.

iPlayer, Netflix, Lovefilm, youTube even illegal downloads. As many people consider these things television as there are those still tied to the traditional box with antenna.

Continuing our series where we muse on the future of consumer media and programming, this month we turn our attention to the little screen and ask where are we now and where are we going? What is the future of TV Broadcasting?


 January 2014 | Ground Level Podcast

Giving it up!

Ground Level Podcast Episode 14

Aaaaand.... it's another new year! So that means it's time to make promises we are unlikely to keep, give things up, return things we don't want and speculate about the year to come. In this episode of Ground Level we do all except the last (we can't see the future, that's another podcast baby!)

New Years Resolutions are so last year. It's all about the 30 day challenge these days. Could you be a vegetarian for 30 days? How about no recreational internet? could you do 12 challenges in 12 months?

We also want to know what was the best present you got over the festive season? If someone calls you on your mobile, are less likely to answer now than you were in the past? Why don't people like talking on the phone as much as they used to? And What on earth is wrong with the weather in this country?

Tune in the this months Ground Level Pod to find out more!


January 2014 | Film Feature

A Year in review 2013

written by Dan Collacott

2013 saw more franchises and special FX than you can shake a giant Kaju being hit by a tanker at, but was it just a case of being bowled over by extreme visuals, or was there a bit of heart and humour in there to? Check out our ranting film expert's view of the best films in the year that was.


 November 2013 | Ground Level Podcast

Is that A banger in your pocket?

Ground Level Podcast Episode 13

It's the last 2 months of the year and there are more festivities than you can shake a stick at! But when is the right time to start celebrating? Is it right to take your kids trick or treating a week before Halloween?

Are you the kind of person that prefers to be told the truth about the way you look (or smell)? Is it constructive criticism or just a well concealed jibe?

In this prematurely festive episode we explore our irrational fears, ask why people aren't so neighborly any more, scorn at employers who can't even shell out for phones on desks and ask the the big question: Why does Browny look so tired?

Yes, it's another ramble round the houses, going everywhere and no where, as you've come to know and love on the ground level podcast


November 2013 | Graphic Novel Review 

Adventure-Time Presents:

Marceline And The Scream Queens

Review by Steven Ray

Hello again to Ooovians old and new, welcome to the show! Today we are proud to present to you, as part of their worlds tour; the scary, the spooky and the downright kooky:

This is the third collection of the immensely addictive KaBoom! Studios Adventure Time comics. This volume brings together the complete Marceline mini-series issues 1-6.


 November 2013 | The LF Podcast

Musing... on Music

 LF Podcast Episode 31

They way we listen, buy and create media - music, films, comics and books - is constantly changing, but never more so than in the last decade. CDs, DVDs, MP3s, eBooks, Streaming everything...

Hardly anything is the same as it was even 5 years ago and we find ourselves asking "where are we, how did we get here and where to next?"

Starting with this episode, we decided to muse over these questions and more, starting with music.

in this discussion we look at everything from discovery services to the fall and rise (again) of vinyl.

We also have a chat about Only God Forgives (and other recent Ryan Gosling films), Breaking Bad, The DC comics parade of fancy cover specials and ask the question: "Will Ben Affleck make a good Batman?"


October 2013 | Graphic Novel Review 

Adventure time Volume 2:

More time for adventure!

Review by Steven Ray

Who doesn't have time for more adventure? No one! Especially not our writers here at LF. Steve Ray returns to the crazy, post-apocalyptic land of Ooo, created by Pendelton Ward and inhabited by Jake, Finn, Princess Bubblegum, the Ice King and others.


September 2013 | Ground Level Podcast

Sick as a Dog!

Ground Level Podcast Episode 11

What's the most disgusting thing you've seen on public transport? or the funniest? We think it's probably connected to projectile vomiting. And, on that subject, if you vomit on someone how long should they be angry for? should they ever forgive you?

Street Preachers and Street performers - they are everywhere and its driving us a bit mad. Ok, we admit, some of them are quite entertaining, but others... are quite scary.

also in this episode: The Metro Newspaper (again), the middle east, and the big question... What is Dan's real name?

It's time for another Ground Level Pod Y'all! 


August 2013 | Podcast Feature

Bring on the trumpets!

The Power of music in film

Written by Dan Collacott

Music and film are like love and marriage, no film can survive without an awesome score, awesome songs, or just a song that is purely used to market the film.

Here are some of my picks of the greatest and strangest film soundtracks to out there. Providing a companion piece to the latest LF podcast where Denis, Bernice, Imran and myself chew the fat over the film soundtracks that changed our lives, ones we'd forgotten and guilty pleasures.


July 2013 | The LF Podcast

The Sound of Movies

 LF Podcast Episode 30

Movies are arguably the most visually appealing storytelling medium, but as we've known for decades, their attraction is severely diminised without sound. And what is a soundtrack without music? Well, just a bunch of noises, right?

In this episode of the Liberation Frequency, we are taking our first look at movie soundtracks. Which ones are the most memorable? Which ones are our favourites? Can a soundtrack make or break a movie... or an artist?

With this being our first Podcast in a while, we also have a lot of regular stuff to catch up, including the first wave of summer blockbusters. Star Trek: Into DarknessIron Man 3World War Z. All those... and The Book of Mormon!


July 2013 | Feature 

Heroes & Villains:

"Y'know something Mean Gene"

Written by Imran Mirza

In the final of LF's articles stemming from the Episode 29 podcast, 'Heroes & Villains', we examine the connection between the potentially not too dissimilar worlds of comics and wrestling.  Is there more in common between the two than people give it credit for?


June 2013 | film Review

World War Z

Review by Dan Collacott

Zombies, zeds, the undead, biters, walkers, walking dead, whatever you call them - they're still in vogue and making TV and film execs money. But has Brad Pitt and Paramount chosen wisely by ploughing 200 million dollars into the World War Z franchise? Well read on to find out. And yep there are pointless Fight Club references within. 


June 2013 | Graphic Novel Review 


Review by Jason Taggart

From the pages of Kick-Ass, comes a story from the same creative team - John Romita Jnr & Mark Millar. With the success of both the graphic novel and movie, fans had quite high hopes. So, we asked the newest edition to the LF writing team to see if this tale hits the mark or misses its target...


  June 2013 | Ground Level Podcast

What the cluck is all that noise?

Ground Level Podcast Episode 10

Noisy neighbours! We've all had them. In fact, we've probably all been them! But what do you do when you are the victim... and offender is an animal? Do you call environmental health... or start preparing a stew?

Manners! Are you polite? Do you say please, thank you, excuse me and sorry... even to animals and furniture? Are you aware of your surroundings? Always in the way of people?

Oh yes, ground level is back... Chickens and all!

Are you aware of your virtual surroundings? Tweeted something stupid recently... and then regretted it? In this episode of ground level we take a look at all of the above and also muse on the subject of Ticket Touts!