Formed over four years ago to provide exposure to new bands, artists and comedians that require YOUR attentions! We dare to cover (nearly) all genres with a slightly leftfield bias - and in 2009 we launched LF Magazine - the future is.... some time from now yet not now! Stick with us!

You can contact the Morons who brought you this travesty, via the following methods:

Liberation Editor: Dan Collacott

Frequency Editor: Imran Mirza

Tech Stuff: Denis-Jose Francois

Graphic Novels Editor: Gavin O'Reilly

Photography: Maria de Ridder, Matt Worrall

Communications Editor: Sean O'Neill

Rock/Indie Editor: Siobhan Rooney

Head Indie Writer: Lee Hutchison

Duchess of Geek: Bernice Watson

Also, Special Thanks to the following contributers, without whom we'd just have an empty bunch of webpages:

Contributers: Colin Dibben, Lynda Cowell, Delme Stephenson, Dan Marner, Mark Richards, Ben Edgell, Eamonn O'Reilly, Tim Dickinson, Tristan Hanks, Matthew Searle, Steven Ray, Elvis Presley, Bernice Watson, Rachel Wild, Mervyn Charles, Matthew Worrall, and many, many more 

The Liberated Irregulars: Giuseppe De Chiarra, Frans-Jozef Rutjes, Mathew Cooling, Richard Costin, Tim Mehmet, Dave Cook, Les Davis, Nicola Brown, Chris Seed, Jonny McHugh and Ben Casey.