August 24th 2010

Besnard Lakes @ The Garage (London) - August 19th 2010

Live review Written by Matt Worrall

The garage was not filled to capacity for this show. Which is a shame, because the Besnard Lakes have a sound that could fill a stadium if they were to sell out and went just a touch more pop.

I am glad they haven't. As it is, their blend of Beach Boys style falsetto harmonies, early prog-rock and some classic metal riffing is a unique proposition. One that contains many elements to relish but not perhaps ones too diverse to bind all those audiences all together. I personally find them very much to my taste and that has only been enhanced by finding them a self-effacing yet confident live act. For a band which delivers complex harmonies, it is the rhythm section that impressed me the most. This is not a band afraid of grinding a satisfy bass hook and riff. I frequently found myself nodding my head - not something I expected to be doing.

During the encore an over-enthusiastic blast of dry ice left the entire venue wreathed in a dense fog - this felt an appropriate end for a band who certainly have found their own sound, but need their audience to catch up.

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