Monday, April 19, 2010

Dan Deacon - Woof Woof

EP Review written by Tristan Hanks

A good EP can be the perfect way to discover new music and this release from Dan Deacon both promotes his own unique sound and injects some young blood into his tracks. The title track begins with a wonderful electronic riff and is culled from Deacons latest album ‘Bromst’. He is a master at mixing together standard dance hooks that soon twist into avant-garde soundscapes. This track is quite normal by his standards but still ends up sounding like a choir on helium singing along to a medieval rave. Deacon manages to cram emotion into the most soulless of computer noises and his sound could be compared those of Battles and Matthew Dear.

The remix of ‘Woof Woof’ by Hudson Mohawke sounds nothing like the original and could be in line for remix of the year already. The latest Warp signing picks apart the opening riff and drags it underwater to create some smooth future funk speckled with his trademark audio hiccups. This is a short but sweet sample of Mohawke’s slithery turntable technique and pulls off the trick of sounding both old and new at the same time. It wouldn’t be out of place to say that this mix is worth the purchase alone but the second side would beg to differ.

Allez Allez jump straight in on side two with a synth massacre on their remix of ‘Build Voice’. The original is a short piece which builds into orchestral loveliness but this just dips the whole lot in acid and lets it fry on the dance floor until it sizzles to an analogue climax. Luke Abbot then takes the reins on his wondrous mix of ‘Surprise Stefani’. Abbot is a real find, making his home on James Holden’s Border Community label and producing some gorgeous sounding electronica. Halfway between minimal, progressive and cosmic ambience, this track is all a brain needs to exorcise any stresses of the day or night. This is a brilliant EP, go into the world outside and find it.