July 2011



LDCC: Electric Man Interview


by Bernice Watson


Ever thought to yourself ‘Holy crap! I have an awesome idea for a movie! It would totally rock! But getting a film made is impossible! It’ll never happen.’ Well, these guys, and the rest of the production team, had the same thought but unlike most of us they decided to man up and make it a reality. Now, after two years of raising funds and publicising the project they are only a few short months away from the premiere. Respect.


Electric Man is the story of comic store owners Jazz and Wolf. They have a bit of a problem – they owe their landlord £5000. Unfortunately, they don’t have the necessary funds. Teetering on the brink of financial disaster, things brighten considerably when they discover one of the most valuable comics in the world in a neglected corner of the store. Sell the comic, pay the rent – problem solved, right? Not quite. Things become just a little complicated when various individuals of questionable moral fiber (all hell bent on possessing the legendary comic) converge on Jazz and Wolf. With the landlord breathing down their necks and the bad guys beating down the proverbial door, life at Deadhead Comics just got a whole lot more interesting.


Electric Man is a micro-budget film made by comic-lovers, for comic-lovers and funded by comic-lovers. It doesn’t get any more legitimate than that. If you’re interested in contributing or you just want to find out more about the film, check out their website at


We’re also giving away a special collector’s edition Electric Man comic, signed by Barras, Mackay and actress Emily Lockwood, as part of the Liberation Frequency Video Podcast competition so make sure you get your entry in! Details up soon.

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