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Touched (what I've been watching?!)

Ok so I had the chance to revisit Drive, and was it better the second time round? Yes I think it was, I really didn't understand the hype the first time round, but coming to it on my own terms helped me appreciate the film more as a whole. Despite that fact, I still think it is good move rather than a classic (or something to be revered for years to come), and no amount of Gosling smiling silently at Culligan for endless scenes will change my opinion on that. The trouble is.... Hollywood churns out so much crap each year that when anything half decent comes along that isn't wall to wall dumb action set pieces or some comedian in a fat suit or drag, everyone seems to lose their critical minds over it. Tinker Tailor, The Artist, The King's Speech, Black Swan are all good films, but are they films that will be referenced as some of the best movies of all time, no...... Why? Well being different is gold to critics, but Gold gets boring too look at quite quickly (nope i've no idea what that means either).

Oh and despite the unforgivable circumstances in which Darabont left the series - Walking Dead series 2 is still pretty awesome, I just wish AMC could have indulged the great man's vision and provided the budget needed. In fact surely the success of the first series and DVD/BR sales would have meant the second series would have had a bigger budget not less??? Ok so I am not armed with all the facts and the recession is hitting the TV industry as well so.....

I also watched the first episode of Touch, with Keifer Sutherland and Danny Glover and a gifted autistic child who kind of manages to see that all people are linked, basically he is able to determine every path of fate/destiny everyone's lives take and how each of us is destined to 'touch' a certain number of lives/people in our life time. It does sound a fairly high concept if not slightly overblown and daft premise. Tim Kring who brought us Heroes is the writer/creator and we all know what happened to that! Granted the first series of Heroes was brilliant, the second half of the second series was also good but as soon as we got to the third the whole series unravelled faster than toilet roll left in room full of angry puppies. I am eagerly waiting for more though, which is more than I can say for Alcatraz from lost creator JJ Abrahams which is utter nonsense, but hey it's very watchable nonsense, its like a very low brow murder mystery thriller with a bit of sci-fi dobbins throw in, so in a kind of candy for the brain style way i'm going to stay dumb and keep watching even if my higher self says NOOO STOP YOU KNOW IT'S WRONG!

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