September 6th 2010

Gallops / Gallops EP

 (Blood & Biscuits/Holy Roar)

Written by Tristan Hanks

After appearing on a recent Huw Edwards compilation with their excellent track ‘Lasers’ all eyes have been on Wrexham band Gallops. Their new self titled EP is full of sonic experimentation that owes as much to Battles as it does to the extreme noise of Fugazi. It opens with a song consisting of zeroes and ones which is a quite a good visual description of their sound, simplistic yet confusing.

This wordless EP is full of aural assaults which has guitar feedback wrestling with broken synths to reach a dizzying finish on tracks like ‘Oh, The Manatee’. Many of these songs sound good if a little derivative but it will be when played live that they will truly flourish. Combining guitars with electro effects has more room to breathe on the stage, allowing for more noodling and the ability to build up the sounds to form a chugging rhythm.

There are shades of Foals and Errors in some of their jerky licks but the deep and constant pulse of ‘Defbox’ holds the tune together well. It is closer ‘Miami Spider’ though that really makes a mark. It sounds like a foreign language that your brain slowly adjusts to until the intricate melodies magically unite to create a bold tune full of surprises. For a first EP this is far more interesting than most and bodes well for the bands future. Gallops said they hoped they were ‘doing something different and giving people enjoyment’ and looks like they have achieved both without compromise.

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