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Ground Level ep003 - Where ever you go... there you are!

Home is where the heart is. Or is it? Do people tend to return to the comfort of where they grew up? Once a city kid, always a city kid? In this episode the boys think about their roots and where they prefer living! Of course, living is easier once you've found somewhere decent. But how many of us consider life outside the city? And what sort of hoops are we made to jump through just to rent a home these days?

Why are some people always late? Is there a way to escape from your friends at the pub? Is it ok to keep things from your partner? If so, what? Why do people say things like 'it is what it is? or 'It was meant to be?

With the help of some very strong beer and the looming shadow of an unnamed appointment later in the day, Denis-Jose, Dan & Lofty make another attempt to shed light on the mundane and bring sense to the non-sensical... all on this month's Ground Level Pod!

Listen to Ground Level Episode 3

Ground Level Podcast Ep03 - July 2012

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