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Ground Level ep005 - Doctor Doctor, I feel like a fading star!

When is a rumour good? when is it bad? Who starts them and why?

Recently there's been a lot of high praise for the British NHS, yet for most people, the experience is quite poor. Why is that exactly? If its not the doctors, nurses or facilities, then what's wrong with institution? The boys think they have the answer..

Since when did a wave of the hand become a legitimate road signal which allows drivers to do what they please? Stopping on a Zebra Crossing anyone?

Why hasn't reality TV gone away? Flavor of Love anyone?

Also, in this episode, Dan wonders about fashionable cheap plimsolls, Denis examines the a new mental condition he calls 'plastic angst' and Lofty has a tale to tell to tell about skinny jeans.

All this and much much more on Ground Level Pod Episode 5

*Containts explicit and adult content

Ground Level podcast ep05 - Doctor Doctor, I feel like a fading star! by Infiniverse Media  



Ground Level Podcast Ep005 - 14th September 2012

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