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GL012 - Dirty, flying, biting, space invaders

How was your summer holiday? Or rather, how was getting there and back? You probably flew at some point... and no doubt noticed some of the weird and annoying things people do on planes. We certainly did.

And speaking of flying things, some of them bite. Nasty little buggers. But have you ever come face to face with something that could actually kill you? Denis-Jose ponders the danger that is known as Australia.

Meanwhile, back at home, Browny's not happy with all the people crammed into small spaces outside bars and stations smoking like it's gone out of fashion. And let's not forget Lofty's personal space issues, Dan's communal Hygiene issues and a sad day for women everywhere... it's another ground level y'all!


with Dan Collacott, Denis-Jose Francois, Lofty & Browny

Ground Level Podcast Ep012 - 14th October 2013

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