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ground level ep009 - Red Dog Redemption

If someone was famous in life - for whatever reason - should they be treated exceptionally when they die? Do we behave oddly when a celebrity or polititcan dies? Why? In this episode we look at the way the public have reacted to the recent death of people like Margret Thatcher, Michael Jackson, Jade Goody & others.

And what's up with North Korea? Do they really want to start World war three? Maybe every one should everyone just leave them alone?

Now that cycling has become a national obsession, should everyone on a bike also have a license?

We also bring you our first outside broadcast, er, live, sort of, from the red dog saloon, where we put Denis-Jose to the chilli hot wing test!

And should Lofty get a dog? Find out in this episode of Ground Level!



with Dan Collacott, Denis-Jose Francois, Lofty & Browny

Ground Level Podcast Ep009 - 20th April 2013

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