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Ground Level ep011 - Sick as a dog!

What's the most disgusting thing you've seen on public transport? or the funniest? We think it's probably connected to projectile vomiting. And, on that subject, if you vomit on someone how long should they be angry for? should they ever forgive you?

Street Preachers and Street performers - they are everywhere and its driving us a bit mad. Ok, we admit, some of them are quite entertaining, but others... are quite scary.

And once again, one of our favorite topics - the metro newspaper - rears its ugly head. How much news is actually in there? Is there any at all? what constitutes news these days anyway?

And on a more serious note, what is going on in the middle east? Does anybody understand it? should the west intervene? What about Egypt?

in this episode we are running a competition to guess Dan's real surname, cos apparently, it's not what what we thought!

It's time for another Ground Level Pod Y'all! with Lofty, Dan ??? and Denis-Jose Francois.


with  Lofty, Dan and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep011 - 10th September 2013

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