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GL014 - Giving it up

Aaaaand.... it's another new year! So that means it's time to make promises we are unlikely to keep, give things up, return things we don't want and speculate about the year to come. In this episode of Ground Level we do all except the last (we can't see the future, that's another podcast baby!)

What's the best present you got over the festive season? What was the best one you gave? How do you feel when people don't like the gifts you've brought them? Are you brave enough to take things back to the shops when the crazy people are out for the January sales?

If someone calls you on your mobile, are less likely to answer now than you were in the past? Why don't people like talking on the phone as much as they used to? And what on earth is wrong with the weather in this country?

New Years Resolutions are so last year. It's all about the 30 day challenge these days. Could you be a vegetarian for 30 days? How about no recreational internet? Could you do 12 challenges in 12 months? Someone on the team is going to give it a try and we need your suggestions. Tune in the this months Ground Level Pod to find out more!


with Lofty, Dan Collacott, Browny and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep014 - 15th Jan 2014

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