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GL020 - The barely traditional Xmas episode

When it comes to Christmas, it seems that everyone has a different idea with regards to doing things traditionally. What should be for dinner on the big day? How are presents wrapped and when should they be opened? Do you send cards... and what do you write in them? And what about those Christmas crackers, eh?

But its not just about Christmas. This episode we also look at the more serious issues of being very qualified and being unemployed, breast feeding in public and the media driven political battle between Mr Brand and Mr Farage.

oh, and the less serious issue of weird shop names and the way people mis-pronounce words.

All that and we ask another question of concious: Should you correct questionable behaviour in other peoples children?

Join Denis-Jose, Dan, Lofty & Browny for the barely traditional Xmas episode of Ground Level!

Ground Level Podcast Ep020 - 22nd december 2014