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GL015 - Walk on by

Has this happened to you?: You're walking down the street and you see someone you know and they just... walk on by? What do you do? Or conversely, you are walking down the street and you don't feel like talking to them... what do you do?

It's tough being friends sometimes. We mean the best, but ultimately we are all quite selfish creatures. And jealous ones too. How do you deal with your bestie falling in love and spending more time with HIM that with YOU?

And whilst we are talking about walking (see what I did there?) where do you prefer to cross the road? Do you make an effort to cross in the right place?

Of course we wouldn't be walking at all if there wasn't a Tube Strike. Did it affect you? Do you support the strikers? Have you ever been on strike yourself? Do you even care about the issues?

Also in this episode: Lofty wants to know why people are just so rude, Denis-Jose gives us an update on his 30 Day Challenges and Browny doesn't want to talk about technology... And what does Valentines Day mean to you?



with Lofty, Browny and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep015 - 13th Feb 2014

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