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GL021 - Is there life on Mars?

Mars. Not the chocolate. Not the singer. The Planet. It's the opportunity of a life time. But it comes with a pretty serious catch: One way ticket. Would you go? If not, why not? And what would you do when you got there... apart from the science? What one thing would you bring with you?

Music maybe? But what music? Do you still listen to the same music now than you did say... 10 years ago? Have your tastes changed as you've aged or is music just shit now? Isn't that what our parents told us? It was waaay better back in their day!

On this episode of Ground Level we ponders these things and other. more difficult conundrums such as, 'what's the point of Birthday Cards?', 'Why is everyone so crazy about Eastenders?' and 'Should you always claim all your over-time at work?'

To find the answers to all these questions and more, jump on the Ground Level funk express as it heads... Uptown! 

 Join Denis-Jose, Dan, Lofty & Browny for the way out funky space edition of Ground Level Podcast.

Ground Level Podcast Ep021 - 02nd March 2015

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