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GL022 - Hair of the dog

Revenge. Is it sweet? Is it best served cold? Is it best delivered… in the middle of the night? Has your blood boiled so much that the only way to calm it down was to make a deal with some gypsies?

Getting your own back on someone can be a bit of a surprise and who doesn’t like surprises? Well, one of the team is in for a big surprise this month it unfolds.

And what about the regret of drinking too much? How do we all deal with Hangovers? And how do we avoid getting them in the first place. We have some serious, non-medical advice for you on this episode along with some strategies to help cope with being the dreaded designated driver on a night out.

All this and also dealing with neighbourly disputes and work colleagues who don’t do any work! Who said we were getting too serious? It’s another ground level podcast y’all!

 Grab some ibuprufen and Join Denis-Jose, Lofty & Browny on this 'never again' edition of Ground Level Podcast.

Ground Level Podcast Ep022 - 02nd April 2015