Ground Level Podcast

(A discussion show for the rest of us...)


Life. Despite what we'd like to believe, it's hardly ever the way it is in the movies. For better or worse, everyday life for most people is a lot more... real.

How many times a day do you roll your eyes, sigh a deep sigh or just grimace in utter disbelief at the behaviour of the people around you? Or, against all odds, you manage to walk away from an otherwise awful day because someone or something managed to make you smile?

And what about your loved ones, friends & work colleagues? They are cool most of the time. Yeah, Most of the time...

No, it's not all bad. Every now and then there's a little diamond in the rough. A nugget of beauty that shines bright enough to lift your spirits.

This podcast is a discussion show about those things and more. The everyday things that we encounter that we love and hate. Those moments that make us think that the world is crazy... and every now and then that life is beautiful.

Each week we'll be talking about a number of diverse topics that affect us all, answering questions, imparting wisdom and shining a light on the things that make life a daily grind.


 "It Just Depends how close to ground level you are" - Stereo MCs




GL018 - Lipstick on your collar, dog poo on your heel

If a friend of yours is doing the naughty - cheating on their significant other - do you have a moral obligation to spill the beans? or should you keep out of it? What if it was you? Is being unfaithful ever justified? and if has been you... are you forever tainted, regardless of why or how it happened?

In this episode, we discuss the very serious subject of adultery, infidelity and downright cheating.

Everybody loves a good scare don't they? But when you are sitting alone, in the dark, watching late night horror on the telly, where do you draw the line? When is it too much?

Perhaps there's something else on... like a quiz show? Everybody loves a quiz show! But why? what is the fascination in watching other people strike it rich? And what the hell is the deal with deal or no deal?

Also in this episode we introduce a brand new section called 'a question of conscience', along with an update on the 30 day challenges and an explanation of 'The Fappening'.


with Virtual Lofty, Dan Collacott, Browny and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep018 - 17th September 2014


GL017 - Guilty until proven... guilty!

Election time. It's that recurring thing we never think about until our more politically savvy friends start hassling about who we are voting for. Sadly, far to many of us haven't even considered voting at all. Why is that? And whatever the reason, is it even a good reason?

While we are pondering that, why don't we ponder life as a guilty celebrity. Guilty until proven innocent or is it the other way round? Why do we increasingly let the media play the role of judge, jury and executioner? Do we even care wheither the famous are given a fair trial or do we just want to see them go down in flames?

What's the worst injury you've had for stupid reasons? Are you too embarrassed to say? Did it happen while you were drunk? or in bed? Maybe when you were a kid? Maybe if you hadn't been rushing to get somewhere you'd have avoided A&E?

Do you rush? or do you walk slowly? Are you a competitive streetwalker? One of the ground level crew is, but which one? Is it Lofty, the big fella with the heart of gold, but only one good foot? Dan, running away from Brits Abroad? Browny, who always has something to do and doesn't waste time? Or Denis-Jose and his love for 30-day challenges? You can find the answer to this mystery and more in episode 17 of Ground Level Pod! 


with Lofty, Dan Collacott, Browny and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep017 - 03rd June 2014


GL016 - Hoy Oi!! Put the kettle on Luv!

Imagine this: you are walking down the street, minding your own business when you hear a loud two tone whistle from across the street. You turn your head and there are some workmen smiling and waving. How do you feel?

The Wolf Whistle. You've ever been on the giving or receiving end most likely at some point. Is it harmless and complimentary? or is it rude and discomforting?

After such an encounter, surely we all need a nice cup of tea... hold up. Wait a minute. What's the correct way to make it? is there one or is it all subjective?

And is there anything more annoying that kid actors doing fake accents? Lofty doesn't think so! Dan probably agrees but is too busy being annoyed by the seating! Of course browny doesn't brook any nonsense with people who don't have time for kids. Or rather kids and their mum's and their pushchairs on the tube. Which puts her in direct conflict with Denis...

All this and a look at house hunting in London and an update on the the 2014 30-day challanges! 


with Lofty, Dan Collacott, Browny and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep016 - 11th April 2014


GL015 - Walk on by

Has this happened to you?: You're walking down the street and you see someone you know and they just... walk on by? What do you do? Or conversely, you are walking down the street and you don't feel like talking to them... what do you do?

It's tough being friends sometimes. We mean the best, but ultimately we are all quite selfish creatures. And jealous ones too. How do you deal with your bestie falling in love and spending more time with HIM that with YOU?

And whilst we are talking about walking (see what I did there?) where do you prefer to cross the road? Do you make an effort to cross in the right place?

Of course we wouldn't be walking at all if there wasn't a Tube Strike. Did it affect you? Do you support the strikers? Have you ever been on strike yourself? Do you even care about the issues?

Also in this episode: Lofty wants to know why people are just so rude, Denis-Jose gives us an update on his 30 Day Challenges and Browny doesn't want to talk about technology... And what does Valentines Day mean to you?



with Lofty, Browny and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep015 - 13th Feb 2014


GL014 - Giving it up

Aaaaand.... it's another new year! So that means it's time to make promises we are unlikely to keep, give things up, return things we don't want and speculate about the year to come. In this episode of Ground Level we do all except the last (we can't see the future, that's another podcast baby!)

What's the best present you got over the festive season? What was the best one you gave? How do you feel when people don't like the gifts you've brought them? Are you brave enough to take things back to the shops when the crazy people are out for the January sales?

If someone calls you on your mobile, are less likely to answer now than you were in the past? Why don't people like talking on the phone as much as they used to? And what on earth is wrong with the weather in this country?

New Years Resolutions are so last year. It's all about the 30 day challenge these days. Could you be a vegetarian for 30 days? How about no recreational internet? Could you do 12 challenges in 12 months? Someone on the team is going to give it a try and we need your suggestions. Tune in the this months Ground Level Pod to find out more!


with Lofty, Dan Collacott, Browny and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep014 - 15th Jan 2014