Ground Level Podcast

(A discussion show for the rest of us...)


Life. Despite what we'd like to believe, it's hardly ever the way it is in the movies. For better or worse, everyday life for most people is a lot more... real.

How many times a day do you roll your eyes, sigh a deep sigh or just grimace in utter disbelief at the behaviour of the people around you? Or, against all odds, you manage to walk away from an otherwise awful day because someone or something managed to make you smile?

And what about your loved ones, friends & work colleagues? They are cool most of the time. Yeah, Most of the time...

No, it's not all bad. Every now and then there's a little diamond in the rough. A nugget of beauty that shines bright enough to lift your spirits.

This podcast is a discussion show about those things and more. The everyday things that we encounter that we love and hate. Those moments that make us think that the world is crazy... and every now and then that life is beautiful.

Each week we'll be talking about a number of diverse topics that affect us all, answering questions, imparting wisdom and shining a light on the things that make life a daily grind.


 "It Just Depends how close to ground level you are" - Stereo MCs




Ground Level ep008 - A wee glass of beer for the road

It's 11:30pm, you've been drinking since 6 and you're faced with the dreaded one hour tube journey home with a full bladder. How do you survive? Worse, you are stuck in the middle of a ten thousand strong crowd at a rock festival and you badly need to 'go'. what do you do?

Fruit in Beer. Why would you do such a thing? And why would you go to work when you are sick, but happily take a sick day when you are not?

We've got the answers to these questions along with thoughts on Intrusive advertising, the value of Detoxing and limp handshakes. That's right, it's the first ground level pod of 2013!


with Dan Collacott, Denis-Jose Francois, Lofty & Browny



Ground Level Podcast Ep008 - 6th February 2013


Ground Level ep007 - Onesie in, Onsie out (and a fish pedicure!)

It's Christmas! But is that an excuse for grown men & women to dress in Romper suits? WTF?? but never mind that...

What's your favorite bit of Xmas? What's the thing that makes you finally feel the spirit of the season? Is it Christmas telly? Or the muisc in the shops?
Have you ever had a really bad festive season?

Talking of shops, Do you have an Xmas pressie Strategy? And what is on your yuletide wish list?

Meanwhile, still on the subject of holidays, have you ever been to the wrong place at the wrong time? Dan has got a story to tell about a hellish recent package holiday. It had everything you dread about package deals and more.

Lofty wants to know what the hell does "One in, One out mean?" in the world of clubland because it doesn't really make any sense when you think about it. And what about those nightclubs in Kent?

Denis-Jose has an axe to grind about the banks and their over the top fraud policys.

We know it sounds glum, but actually it's quite cheerful. in fact it's all Ho Ho Ho (or is that Ooh Ooh Ooh?) in this months Ground Level Pod!


Ground Level Podcast Ep007 - 18th December 2012


Ground Level ep006 - It's all about the flavour combinations

The Ground Level Crew are in good spirits this month because Browny is back and they've all had a holiday! How do you like to spend your holidays? Relaxing? With a good Book by a pool? On your own or with friends? Do you go on holiday with your family? Are there any parts of holidays that you don't enjoy? Where would you go if money was no object? What is your dream holiday?

Have you ever had a General Anesthetic? What was it like for you? Would you need one for an animal bite? Probably not, but perhaps you'd need a stitch or two? Of course, you wouldn't need any help if you'd fed your pets properly. Give them what they want... or face the consequences!

And on the subject of food, everybody likes something different, right? Could you live a life without fish? or potatoes? What is the hottest kind of curry? Vindaloos? Phall? Jalfrezi? What about Hot Wings? Where can you buy the hottest chicken wings in London? Are there some combinations that should never happen? Chocolate Milkshake & Chips? Meat & Fruit? How lemony should a lemon tart be? Can extreme sourness make you laugh? For the answer listen all the way to the end for our live test!

Plus: Free newspapers, bad weather conditions and their effects modern technology, driving tests & some thoughts on being aware of people with disabilities. All on this months Ground Level Pod.

Ground Level Podcast Ep006 - 25th October2012


Ground Level ep005 - Doctor Doctor, I feel like a fading star!

When is a rumour good? when is it bad? Who starts them and why?

Recently there's been a lot of high praise for the British NHS, yet for most people, the experience is quite poor. Why is that exactly? If its not the doctors, nurses or facilities, then what's wrong with institution? The boys think they have the answer..

Since when did a wave of the hand become a legitimate road signal which allows drivers to do what they please? Stopping on a Zebra Crossing anyone?

Why hasn't reality TV gone away? Flavor of Love anyone?

Also, in this episode, Dan wonders about fashionable cheap plimsolls, Denis examines the a new mental condition he calls 'plastic angst' and Lofty has a tale to tell to tell about skinny jeans.

All this and much much more on Ground Level Pod Episode 5

*Containts explicit and adult content

Ground Level podcast ep05 - Doctor Doctor, I feel like a fading star! by Infiniverse Media  



Ground Level Podcast Ep005 - 14th September 2012


Ground Level ep004 - The Banana Games. Bukahhh.

Do you define yourself as British, English or none of the above? How
do you define Britishness? Are the Olympics a joy or a curse?

Regeneration, new transport infrastructure, possible new investment?
But have the games really made our lives better, or do the costs out
weigh the gains?

And why do women use more toilet paper than men? Do police helicopters have the right to circle our houses noisily at night? Ever found yourself repeatedly emptying your bladder at the same time as someone you hardly know at the pub? Find the answers to all these things on this months ground level pod!

*Containts explicit and adult content





Ground Level Podcast Ep04 - August 2012