Ground Level Podcast

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Life. Despite what we'd like to believe, it's hardly ever the way it is in the movies. For better or worse, everyday life for most people is a lot more... real.

How many times a day do you roll your eyes, sigh a deep sigh or just grimace in utter disbelief at the behaviour of the people around you? Or, against all odds, you manage to walk away from an otherwise awful day because someone or something managed to make you smile?

And what about your loved ones, friends & work colleagues? They are cool most of the time. Yeah, Most of the time...

No, it's not all bad. Every now and then there's a little diamond in the rough. A nugget of beauty that shines bright enough to lift your spirits.

This podcast is a discussion show about those things and more. The everyday things that we encounter that we love and hate. Those moments that make us think that the world is crazy... and every now and then that life is beautiful.

Each week we'll be talking about a number of diverse topics that affect us all, answering questions, imparting wisdom and shining a light on the things that make life a daily grind.


 "It Just Depends how close to ground level you are" - Stereo MCs



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GL016 - Hoy Oi!! Put the kettle on Luv!

Imagine this: you are walking down the street, minding your own business when you hear a loud two tone whistle from across the street. You turn your head and there are some workmen smiling and waving. How do you feel?

The Wolf Whistle. You've ever been on the giving or receiving end most likely at some point. Is it harmless and complimentary? or is it rude and discomforting?

After such an encounter, surely we all need a nice cup of tea... hold up. Wait a minute. What's the correct way to make it? is there one or is it all subjective?

And is there anything more annoying that kid actors doing fake accents? Lofty doesn't think so! Dan probably agrees but is too busy being annoyed by the seating! Of course browny doesn't brook any nonsense with people who don't have time for kids. Or rather kids and their mum's and their pushchairs on the tube. Which puts her in direct conflict with Denis...

All this and a look at house hunting in London and an update on the the 2014 30-day challanges! 


with Lofty, Dan Collacott, Browny and Denis-Jose Francois.

Ground Level Podcast Ep016 - 11th April 2014