Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Lost All Faith (Album Review)

Label : Defcom Records.

by: Neil McCullough


Lost All Faith

Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch join forces for their first album project on their own Defcom records label, dropping on 2 double pack vinyl releases and a 12 track CD. They have obviously taken a step back and started pretty much from scratch when making this album. This album is quite a new direction for the duo, and is much more of an album project than most Drum and Bass albums are. It’s obviously been made with thought about the package as a whole, rather than just a load of dancefloor smashers and a few fillers lumped together in one release.

Many of the tracks, such as the opener ‘Minor Nine’, have a cinematic quality and wouldn’t sound out of place on a movie soundtrack, conjuring up many images and feelings for the listener. There are also tracks that would rip up dancefloors, such as ‘Lost All Faith VIP’ a quality, tough and techy roller.

There’s a reworking of the fellowship track ‘Dark Flower Remedy’. This was originally released on the True Playaz album ‘Playaz 4 real’ in 2001, and it’s another techy track that will work well on a dancefloor, with a rolling beat and a snarling bassline, together with that unforgettable haunting vocal. There’s even a track ‘Opus Dei’ which has no drums and no bass, it fits in wonderfully with the cinematic sound and feel of the album and sits nicely in the middle, seemingly to give a break with a lull in proceedings before

The album finishes off with the title track ‘Lost All Faith’, the original title track after we had the VIP version earlier on in the album, and this is a bit of a monster clocking in at a mammoth 9 minutes and 42 seconds! Other standout moments on the album are the tunes ‘The Forgotten’ and ‘Road Less Travelled’.

Lost All Faith is a great accomplishment for Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch. They have created a deep, dark, cinematic Drum & Bass album, with many layers and a musical touch. This is sure to get them more noticed and I hope more producers follow suit and are prepared to gamble on producing albums as a whole and making something that works and fits together as an album.

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