Black Milk - Popular demand (Hip Hop Album Review)

Picking up Dilla’s Mantle?

Black Milk – Popular Demand (Album Review)

Label: Fat Beats

by: Neil McCullough


Black Milk - Popular Demand

The future of Detroit Hip Hop is on its way and the future for the motor city is Black Milk. Detroit is a city with a deep and diverse musical history that has had a major impact on many different genres on a worldwide scale. It was home to one of the greatest hip hop producers ever, the late J Dilla, who Black Milk is often compared to and this album will only promote those comparisons, the late Proof of D12, Slum Village and Obie Trice. So Black Milk is the latest to send a hip hop album out of Detroit into the worldwide hip hop community.

Black Milk lists his hip hop beat making influences as luminaries such as DJ Premiere, Madlib, Kanye West, J Dilla, ?uestlove, Just Blaze and The Neptunes. The most apparently obvious of these influences on Popular Demand are West, Dilla and Madlib. This album has soulful loops, tough beats, and dusty grooves all combining on a varied album production wise, which is the albums primary strength. All the tracks whilst being varied and showcasing different styles and moods come together extremely well to form a well-balanced cohesive unit, which makes for a superb listening experience from beginning to end, without a dud track in sight!

Black Milk - Popular Demand

Black Milk is an accomplished MC too and flexes his lyrical and mic skills with great prowess. Guest vocalists also hail from Detroit and include the original members of Slum Village (minus J Dilla) on ‘Action’, former J Dilla collaborators Guilty Simpson on the huge ‘Sound the Alarm’ and Phat Kat on ‘Lookatusnow’.

Black milk is a man following in J Dilla’s footsteps, but he’s doing his own thing in his own way and he’s going to be around for a long time. I’m already looking forward to hearing what he produces next.

This album is out now and for me is the hip hop album of 2007 so far and will take some beating, so check it out.

Stand out tracks: Popular Demand, Sound the Alarm, Shut It Down.

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