Wolverine vs. Bret 'Hitman' Hart [H&V Death Match #1]


 Following on from the Heroes & Villains: "Y'know something Mean Gene!" article, it's time to have some fun, so in the first of Heroes & Villains Death Matchups, ladies and gentlemen, may we present: Wolverine vs. Bret 'Hitman' Hart...  





The showdown

It’s the adamantium claws versus the Sharpshooter in what would surely be an epic battle between two wily veterans with very different but equally ferocious styles. And, they're both Canada's finest.

The combatants
Wolverine - card-carrying member of the X-Men, Alpha Flight and The New Avengers - equipped with extraordinary physical ability, regenerative healing powers and six further very sharp and infamous reasons why he'd be a deadly adversary for anyone brave enough to take him on in combat.
Bret Hart - a wrestler's wrestler and the type of wrestler who's your favourite wrestler's favourite wrestler.  Multiple-time Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Title holder, Tag Team Title holder, King of The Ring Winner,, the accolades are endless.  The 'excellence of execution' who's armed with more holds and submission techniques than we can count.

The match
Bret Hart's meticulous and intricate physical dissection of an opponent with an array of submission holds and high impact moves give Bret the early advantage, but this is where Wolverine's healing ability comes into play, and his ability to absorb the inordinate amount of pain means that Hart has to dish out more than he ever has had to before.  And then there are the aforementioned claws, and although Hart's taken everything from table smashes, to chair shots and even razor blades, there's nothing like an adamantium blade piercing through your flesh.

The outcome
As even as this colossal battle seems, ultimately, the victor would be decided upon the person that makes that all important mistake - and unfortunately, Wolverine's brash and hot-headed nature can only work against him when competing with the tactical technician that is the Hitman.  Our pick for this battle of the ages... is Bret 'Hitman' Hart.