February 26th & 27th, 2012

The London Super Comic Con Video Diaries


February 2012 saw the launch of a brand new comic convention in the UK, in the form of the London Super Comic Con, which promised to bring a 'San Diego like experience' to Europe for the first time and included some pretty big name guests like Stan Lee & George Perez to name just two.

But did it deliver? Liberation Frequency went down to have a look, talk to some of the attendees and organisers and bring a view from the show floor!

Whilst we didn't get a chance to interview Stan Lee, we did speak to a lot of other people and our best reporters were all over the con like a bad, er, rash. Check out Gavin's day out on Breaking the Forth for some deeper insight.

Meanwhile Bernice, Denis-Jose & Dan were out and about with Camera and Mic' and got a chance to talk to Accent UK, Clint Magazine, the Comic book Geek team & David Monteith (Geek Syndicate). It's all in the video, so take a look!