Morning Glories Vol 2:

All Will Be Free

Writer: Nick Spencer | Art: Joe Eisma | Covers: Rodin Esquejo

Review by Bernice Watson

Spencer’s creepy mystery about a group of children recruited into the mysterious and prestigious Morning Glories Academy continues in this second volume. Having survived their brutal induction in volume one, the new students are now in the process of coming to terms with their seemingly hopeless situation as prisoners of the sadistic institution. While some continue to rail against their captors, others look for ways to use the school to their own advantage but one way or another they are all looking for a way to freedom.  Morning Glories: All Will Be Free looks back at the history of the students as we start to gain more insight into their personalities and quirks.

Spencer continues to construct a story that is both engrossing and plays its cards close to its narrative chest. Drawing on classic horror style he reveals details about the characters and the school in tantalising snippets throughout. Despite now being two volumes in I still have no real idea what is to come in the story and no sure idea what secrets Morning Glory Academy has yet to reveal. It is the mystery and Spencer’s masterful doling out of information that makes this series so much fun to read.

This volume focuses mostly on some of the children’s past and reflects that against how those individuals are coping with their new and unnerving situation. The children started off as opposing clichés – the smart girl, the cheerleader, the nerd et cetera but it’s a relief to see Spencer revealing deeper layers to these characters that elevates them beyond just your average American TV tropes.

Rodin Esquejo’s covers continue to give this series its iconic and immediately recognisable presence while Eisma’s art is a masterwork of tone and colour. Although Eisma’s style is not always to my taste he is undeniably skilled at capturing the subtleties of expression and body language. His work is instrumental is conveying the tense emotional tone of the story.

This is great second installment to the series and I’ll definitely be picking up the third volume. If you haven’t already read any of the Morning Glories series I highly recommend it.

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