August 18th 2010

Mux Mool – Skulltaste (Ghostly International)
Written by Tristan Hanks
This excellent album has been out for a few months now but is packed to the brim full of amazing electronic music of every genre. Mux Mool is actually Brian Lindgren, a producer hailing from Brooklyn who has raided his magnificent record collection for inspiration and samples for this wonderful record. Sounding like a more grown up version of Hudson Mohawke but with less reliance on messy glitches that threaten to ruin the tunes, Mool effortlessly combines various dance themes into a kaleidoscopic sci-fi adventure for the ears.
There are faltering hip-hop beats, wobbly synth stabs, house drops and g-funk guitars all jostling for attention on this weirdly brilliant album which leaves the listener waiting for a bad track that never comes. First single ‘Lady Linda’ mutates from acid techno to sinister breakbeat with ease while ‘Get Better John’ plays it simple with a heroic old skool drop cut up with manic organ playing, echoing the best work of DJ Shadow. The similarities are also evident on the opener ‘The Ballad of Gloria Featherstone’ which sets up the record perfectly and brings another dimension to electronic breaks in 2010.
Fans of Gold Panda and Boards of Canada will also enjoy much of this work as tracks like ‘Dandelion’ emulate the warmth of a mellotron mashed up with dreamy basslines sounding like the groan of someone being massaged……very well. Anyone wanting to be bathed in all the best elements of electronica should listen to this immediately as it caters for all. For every chunky hip-hop instrumental, some diverse dub is hot on it heels. When all the R&B samples and computer games sound effects have drifted away, a drum ‘n’ bass lick comes to the fore. This outstanding album has no fillers and must be listened to by anyone who likes their beats a bit more interesting.

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