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Junkyard Scientists - say it ain't so?!

Written by Imran Mirza

It's with a heavy heart that I announce to you all that friends of Liberation Frequency, the Junkyard Scientists, have announced they're calling it a day.  The London-based soul/funk band, who have an incredible self-titled release under their belts (available to purchase from Itunes), will be playing their final gig this Friday 18th December in Reading, and we really urge whoever is available to attend that they please do - the group are famed for their live performances so we guarantee you a great night!

The below was the announcement from the group:


It is my sullen duty to announce that our gig at Global Cafe, Reading, this Friday 18th Dec will not only be Junkyard's last gig of 2009, but most likely our last gig EVER.

I won't go into details as I simply don't have the inclination to write the mammoth speech that would give justice to the occasion (and would probably bore most of you to tears in the process) so I'm gonna keep it on a short, high & positive note - as is the tradition of Junkyard.

The last 2.5 years have been amongst the best that most of us have experienced so far. We've played some amazing gigs, made some life-long friends and shared some hilarious and often outrageous moments together.

We've all got exciting new opportunities on the horizon and 2010 holds a lot of potential for each of us on our new respective musical paths. So it is as much a time of celebration as lament.

We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for making our gigs so enjoyable and strutting your stuff on the dancefloor. I sincerely mean it when I say that we simply wouldn't be here without your love and support along the way. For that, we will always be grateful.

Jim & the Junkyard crew x


Some time ago, the Junkyard boys were kind enough to contribute to LF summing up their favourite songs and inspirations so please check it out here if you haven't before.

We at Liberation Frequency would like to wish the gang success in wherever life takes them next, and for the times we've seen them live, for their contribution to the site, and most of all for the great music, we'd like to say Thank You!

(As we say, there is a cracking release out there that's waiting to be heard, so we urge readers to check them out on Itunes when you can.)

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