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Solomon Burke


10th October 2010 marked the sad day that soul legend, Solomon Burke, passed away in an airport in Amsterdam where he was scheduled to perform.

I firstly want to thank my 'blues connection' buddy Phil for putting me on to Burke's music through the album 'Don't Give Up On Me'.  His music - Burke's, not my buddy Phil's - has been famed for its incorporation of blues, country, gospel and soul, and for his 2003 Grammy for the aformentioned 'Don't Give Up On Me'. 

A musical career that spanned more than 50 years, it's truly a testament to an artist whose notoriety only seemed to grow throughout his unwavering passion for his music and performing.

I tip my hat to fans in and around the London area that were fortunate to see Burke perform at the Jazz Cafe this summer, or in fact anywhere at any time.

If you're unfamiliar with Burke's music, I do urge to check an album out.  I'd like to conclude with a link to my favourite song of his, from the album 'Make Do With What You Got', here's the incredible 'Let Somebody Love Me':

Solomon Burke... Gone, but not forgotten.

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