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End of an era I thought already ended

Check out this bad boy!

This used to be my baby, and the single coolest thing I owned in the 90s.  What's inspired this trip of nostalgia?  Well last month it was reported that Sony have officially stopped manufacturing Walkmans. 

Er... they still manufactured Walkmans??? 

That piece of news was more surprising for 2010 than the news they were still selling them.

Walkmans were something else though, weren't they?  Forget this century and being able to hold your entire music collection in the palm of your hand - do you remember what it was like to finally have a portable music player that you could actually stroll down the street to with huge foamy headphones in your ears blasting your Soul Inspiration mixtape.

As you can tell with this deluxe model on display above, this puppy didn't just have bass - it had "super bass", but I remember when models came out with the auto reverse feature.  People lost their damn minds.  No more flipping the lid and changing sides on the D90 anymore, it changed itself... as if by magic!  (Still felt free to chew my tapes up though: R.I.P. to my Ghostbusters 2 OST.)

Like millions of others I imagine, I progressed on to the CD Walkman in years to come, and probably held on to that for longer than I should have, before having a fleeting affair with the Mini Disc player (yowsers, they came and went quick, right).

Anyway, we here at the Blue-in-Green Sessions and Liberation Frequency salute you Walkman.  Thank you for everything that started with you!

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