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My soul is aliiiivvvveeee


Two blog posts ago, I mentioned that the awesome Soulive were playing in London's Jazz Cafe, 23rd October.  If you're a jazz fan, I really hope you were either there or have the memory of having seen the trio perform before because they're every good as their reputation suggests.  Now fully independent and operating under their own Royal Family record label, I do urge you to check something... anything from their catalogue.

So we're there, the band have played, they were awesome, and then they announce that they're hanging back to sign autographs and sell some CDs.  Now, I've never really done the 'hang back and meet the band' thing after gigs, for two reasons - one, the queue of people you'd have to wait for, and two, that old adage of meeting your heroes and how they might turn out to be.  I don't know why but I thought I'd give it a go this time, moreso because of the fact that they had CDs on offer and buying them in person is probably better than waiting for weeks for them to be shipped in from the US.

I've waited SIX YEARS to see Soulive perform.  That's no exageration.  If anything, it's actually been longer than that.  And, I'm really happy to say that I got to tell them that too.  The guys were cool enough to sign my ticket plus the copy of the 'Rubber Soulive' album they've just released.  I'm happy that I got to tell them that I've waited so long to see them - but the one thing I completely forgot to tell them was that their song 'Joyful Girl' (featuring Dave Matthews, from their album, 'Next') was my wedding song!!!!  I had a nice little chat with them, and it's less than rare that you get the chance to tell one of your heroes what they mean to you so I'm still kicking myself for having let that opportunity pass me by.  I really feel it would have meant something to them to have heard that from anyone but I guess this gives me something to talk about in 6 years time when I see them again :)

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