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MF(I)D meets LF's Dan Collacott (and it's about time!!)

Well I did promise you good people an awesome round-up of the year so I thought it'd be a good idea to bring some of the gang along too... 

Before he moved on to become LF's Film and Comedy Editor, our very own Dan Collacott was responsible for weaving his magic on LF music and securing some of our biggest features like Florence + The Machine and Glasvegas to name but a mere few. 

Is this man qualified to grace the ePages of My Funky (In)Disposition? Absolutely!  Are his opinions valued and respected? Recent reports suggest not.  Should we even be publishing this? Well we did take the time so we may as well.

In seriousness, it's our great pleasure to review the year with DC...

What was hands-down the best album of 2010?

Linkin Park 'A Thousand Suns'.  The competition wasn't fierce but this was definitely a colossal return to form for Chester and co. Tracks like 'Wretches and Kings' and 'Burning in the Skies' are LP at their blistering best.

What was your favourite concert experience of the year?

I loved Yeasayer at Roundhouse, Biffy Clyro at Hammersmith Apollo, Depeche Mode at 02 and Stone Temple Pilots at Brixton Academy. All were equally outstanding.

Which artist had you not heard of at the beginning of the year that you now consider yourself a fan of?

Washed Out, Awol Nation, Dinosaur Pileup, Memory Tapes and loads more.

What was your favourite musical moment of 2010?

Seeing almost all of the Wu Tang Clan on stage, even if the gig itself was criminally short - it still felt awesome just to be able to experience that.

What band should have toured the UK that didn't?

Soundgarden.  Despite the fact Cornell has played solo gigs and gigs with Audioslave every year since I've lived in London he still hasn't brought the reformed Soundgarden back to London. Come on Chris get it f##king sorted!

Which band released an album you wish they hadn't?

Stone Temple Pilots.  Live they were f##king incredible, but only when they played the old tunes. As soon as Weiland pranced and ploughed into the Southern fried tunes from the new album the crowd just stopped dead.

Which band that reformed do you wish released an album?

Faith No More, Suede, Soundgarden.... chop chop lads!

Who deserves your Britney Spears award for being mad?

Kanye West.  We need people like him to do looney things at award ceremonies though as it makes life interesting and in this case didn't make his music any less appealing.

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