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Being that My Funky (In)Disposition is LF's music blog for all things soul(y), I just wanted to highlight a couple of gems that are currently in rotation in the stereo as well as the Blue-in-Green Sessions on Starpoint Radio as well.  Checks these songs out as and when you can:

Future Soul Song (Prince) - Check out the Music forum for discussion on Prince's '20ten' album, which is very much still out there to find via the usual haunts like Amazon and eBay, but regardless of peoples' expectations of current Prince music, 'FSS' is a shining example of the greatness he's famed for, and still delivers.

Don't Take My Shadow (Kings Go Forth) - Already claiming the spot for 'best album of 2010' with 'The Outsiders Are Back', the Kings' masterpiece of a song will take some beating if it's going to lose out to anyone else as 'best song of 2010'. 

Tightrope (Janelle Monae f/t Big Boi) - Our adoration of Janelle Monae has already been discussed at large, and with an album like 'The ArchAndroid', she looks set to occupy her spot with us for some time.

Unbroken, Unshaven (Budos Band) - The release of Budos Band III contributes towards a great year for Daptone Records, and the instrumental afro-soul outfit have probably delivered their best effort yet.  I picked this song based on the title alone so it's just really lucky that it's a cool track as well :)

I'll Kill Her (Cee Lo) - This awesome number comes from Cee Lo's free online mixtape, 'Stray Bullets' ... firstly, DL it.  DL it now!  It's completely free and available for you to type the relevant words into Google and get your hands on it.  If this incredible freebie is any indication of what we can expect from the album, then we're all in for a huge treat!

Turns Me On (Big Boi f/t Sleepy Brown & Joi) - Two years in the making but finally we have the solo release from OutKast's Big Boi... and it's great!

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