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1 year old... (well, actually we're 4!)

This Sunday's episode of The Blue-in-Green Sessions marks our 1 year anniversary at Starpoint Radio.

How frickin cool!?

Starpoint is actually the third station that I've presented the show from, and back in 2006, the very first show from the very first station was initially supposed to air on the Friday 6th January, but due to technical issues, the debut show was postponed til the following week, so started Friday 13th January.

The following station that I took the show to was in 2007, and the initial start date was supposed to be Friday 6th April, but again, due to technical difficulties, the show was postponed til the following week, so started Friday 13th April.

It's a bit coincidental, right...?

So then we come to Starpoint in 2009.  Although the show moves from a Friday to a Sunday, guess what the start date is ...? that's right - 6th September.  Guess what happens...? that's right - technical difficulties.  Guess what date is gets moved to...? that's right - 13th September.

I'm hoping that Starpoint is the show's home for life now so hopefully we won't have to test this pattern any more, but it's still kinda cool.

In celebration of the show's first of (hopefully) many years at Starpoint, we're going to pick a few songs/artists that we've discovered over the past year, so let us know if you want to make any requests, or there's a dedication or 'howdy' we can throw your way.

Current songs on the playlist are:

Sabrina Malheiros - 'New Morning' [Nicola Conte Remix]

The Jacksons - 'We're Almost There' [DJ Spinna Remix]

Kings Go Forth - 'Don't Take My Shadow'

The Blue in Green Sessions
LIVE every Sunday 8-10am GMT
(re-broadcast Wednesday 11-1pm GMT)
Exclusively on Starpoint Radio

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