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Anthony Hamilton 'Soul' giveaway

Since 'Coming From Where I'm From' introduced the world to Anthony Hamilton in 2004, he has long been one of the shining lights for soul music within the 21st century.

His southern styled and gospel rooted variety of soul has seen him gain further notoriety over subsequent releases, 'Aint Nobody Worrying' and 'The Point of It All', along with chalking up collaborations with Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Mark Ronson and Chicago rapper, Twista.  An infectious, energetic and committed live performer, Hamilton continues to tick all the boxes in establishing himself for the long haul.

The topic of 'subsequent' releases brings us to now include 'Soul' to that list - a 12-track download-for-free online mixtape which serves as the taster for the next full-length album release, currently scheduled for early 2012.  It's always an incredible gift when an artist does something like this (see Cee Lo's 'Stray Bullets', SoulBounce's 'Men Love Mary' and most recently, AAries' 'Cover Girls'), and what makes it all the more special in this case is just how good this release actually is.

Aside from the tracklist below, unfortunately at this time, I'm not able to offer much insight into any writing or production collaborations as I've yet to get my hands on any, but amongst an album brimming with highlights, Tarsha McMilian duets with Hamilton on 'I Hurt You' (McMilian, who previously contributed vocals to 'The Preacher's Daughter' on 'Aint Nobody Worrying'), and Jack Splash is named as producer of 'You', labelled as part of the song's title.  Splash, certainly serving as another notable collaborator stemming from his contribution to 'The Point of It All' where his awesome production magic was sprinkled over 'Please Stay'.

1) Intro
2) Love I Found [Solo Version]
3) Country Pimpin
4) Fantasy Girl
5) Giving Back
6) I Hurt You (f/t Tarsha McMilian)
7) Nowhere
8) My Friend
9) You
10) Why O Why
11) Oh Lord
12) One Last Time

There doesn't seem to be a definitive link in which to source the files but just type in "Anthony Hamilton Soul EP" into Google and you'll be offered a bevy of websites in which to legitimately download the release.  Definitely don't miss out!

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I'm trying to find the links. Thanks Thanks. For sure my ears will be so glad to hear those.
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January 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKassandra

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