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Liberated! [Part 2]

Firstly, I'll start with a huge 'thank you' for the great feedback we've had from our feature on The Liberators, so I'd like to throw a further big 'thank you' to Jada (who's awesome and always comes through for us!) at Record Kicks for putting everything together!

If you're yet to read it, where you been?!  Give it a click here.  The band have also secured regular rotation on The Blue-in-Green Sessions with strong responses from Starpoint Radio listeners.

As always, we like to keep back that little extra treat to readers of the MF(I)D blog so here's an exclusive extract from our chat with Nathan Aust.  If we had to put in our bid for what would surely, undoubtedly, without question, be our video of the year, there's very little I could come up with that could trump The Liberators' excellent 70s throwback, blaxploitation video for their single, 'Rags To Riches'.

Here's Nathan Aust chatting a little about the video, and feel free to see for yourself!

LF: Where did the concept for the excellent video for 'Rags to Riches' come from, and how hard was it to execute?

NA: The idea came from Bari sax play Andrew and his then house mates, the guys at Don't Look Back Pictures.  I'm guessing, it was conceived during a late night poker session.  I had no involvement in the shooting of the clip as my wife was having our second child at the time but I heard it was fun but hard work.  We had a lot of support from the actors.  I did the intro music in my kitchen.

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