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Esperanza Spalding: If you didn't already know...

 …then you probably do now thanks to her shocking upset Grammy victory this week where the double bass-playing jazz vocalist trumped hip-hopper-of-the-moment, Drake, along with toppling the goliath that is Justin Bieber.  [Just so we’re clear on the David and Goliath reference here - the role of David is being played by a mid-to-late twenties jazz songstress and Goliath is being played by a 16/17 year old boy.]

If you’ve just released an album and feel like you’ve been passed over for a ‘best newcomer’ honour, don’t worry - it took Spalding three albums over five years to receive the commendation, so there’s definitely still time J  I feel like that came off bitter for some reason but it wasn’t meant to be - I think it’s fantastic that her genuine talent has received such an accolade and it’s irrelevant at what point that recognition has come.  So, while the world is now asking, ‘Who is Esperanza Spalding?’, I’m thrilled to say I’ve been a fan for some time and have been playing her sublime jazz-fusion on air for some months now.  Her albums have actually been on my ‘to buy’ list for a while [ there genuinely is a list with some albums having been on it for many years], but it wasn’t until late last year that I finally picked one up, starting with ‘Esperanza’ (her second release).  I think I actually need to start purchasing more fairly quickly seeing as her fourth is due out this year. 

Aside from winning the one award that it doesn’t seem Colin Firth has been voted for, Spalding has quashed Bieber fever, she’s made believers out of Beliebers, she’s taken away his Bieberlicious moment (any more….? I think that’s it)…  In seriousness, congratulations to Esperanza Spalding - we hope this is the beginning of a brand new platform for her too!

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