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11 Songs ...#1

While flicking through the books section of Canary Wharf's Waterstones, I stumbled upon a book by Nick Hornby called '31 Songs'.  I don't know too much about him but I have read the excellent 'High Fidelity' and seen the movie 'About A Boy' (does that count?).  Anyway, he really seems to have such a strong affection for music (anyone who's assessed the top 5 breakup songs from 'High Fidelity' will know that) and '31 Songs' seems to be the love letter to the songs he grew up with and have meant the most to him through that time.

What a great idea.

I can do that.

Well, any aspiring writer will tell you they can do that, but the question is if they will do that.  I know me pretty well and the chances of me bombarding this blog with 31 songs that have meant the most to me will be close to impossible.

So what's a good number?  9?  9 Songs.  Actually, wasn't that the name of an art house porno movie?  Ok, how about... 11? 

11 sounds good.  Welcome to Part 1 of 11 Songs!

#1: Soon I'll Be Loving You Again

A pretty good way to kick this off would be with a confession.  I didn't hear Marvin Gaye's version first.  In 1999, Motown Records put out an album of original recordings for the album 'Marvin is 60', whereby contemporary soul and R&B artists, like D'angelo, Erykah Badu, Tony Rich, Gerald Levert, etc., covered 13 classic and favourite Marvin Gaye songs for what would have been Gaye's 60th birthday.  R&B crooner, Joe, tackled 'Soon I'll Be Loving You Again'.

The song's been quite a big deal for me - at that point, I was really just getting into soul music and I initially bought the album for the contemporary names, but it's one that made me want to dig through the Motown crates - starting with 'I Want You' - the album where Gaye's original can be found.

Also, around this time, I started working for a company in Blackfriars, and Joe's version became the soundtrack to the googly eyes I would make across the office at the most beautiful production assistant you could hope to lay eyes on.  I went from dreaming about dancing with my wife to this song, to dancing with my wife to this song.

It's kind've a toss up as to which version of the song I'm including in this list, but if I'm being honest - I think it's fair to say that Joe's version actually holds more sentimental value for me, even though I credit Gaye fully for it. 

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