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AAries free download

Fans of Musiq Soulchild's first two or three albums for Def Jam will be familiar with the name AAries straight away - after having contributed guest vocals to many of his songs, including 'L is Gone', 'Girl Next Door' and 'Settle For My Love', there were frequent promises of an official album release in the works for twin sisters, Ayana and Ayinke, but it's really only now, 11 years later, we finally have something in the form of a 6-track FREE download... 'Cover Girls'.

As the title indicates, the songs here consist of a handful of covers ranging from some of the girls' favourites, including a standout version of DeBarge's 'Time Will Reveal' and Janet Jackson's 'Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)', but die-hard fans will no doubt be thrilled to finally get their hands on their cover of the Minnie Riperton classic - 'Baby, This Love I Have'.

With production from luminaries like Questlove (The Roots, D'angelo) and Osunlade (Eric Roberson, Musiq), the music is faithful and respectful to the originals while injecting enough of their own character and personality to make fans of new listeners.

Billed as a RE-introduction to the group from their site - it's a bold way to do so, and after 11 years since their first intro, you'd be hard-pressed not to admire their tenacity after all this time, but more than that, this release will leave you wondering... why has there been no album until now?

Hopefully, the downloads of this release will lead to much more success and an eventual album in the stores fairly soon.  R&B/soul music fans should really embrace this treat and capitalise on a great freebie, so feel free to visit the girls' page and tell a friend to tell a friend...

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