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Dropping the ball

It was some months ago now, but Curly CJ (whose show follows mine on Sunday mornings) gave me a fantastic gift of an incredibly hard-to-find track by Shuya Okino called 'Still in Love' - apparently having been made famous for underground heads by Gilles Peterson.  Ceej had been looking for this for ages and, believing there was never to be an official release, we sat smugly thinking we had what was as good as it was going to get.

The beginning of August though, CJ turns up at the studio with a copy of arguably the best CD packaging I've ever seen in the form of Shuya Okino's brand new album 'Destiny', featuring the aforementioned 'Still in Love' track.  Man, collectors would go crazy for this CD - it's technically a mini-book with the CD tagged on at the end.  Granted the book only features pictures of the man getting dressed in fly gear, but ultimately I'm thinking I NEED this CD. 

Anyone that knows me though, knows that I'm a procrastinator - I'll wait, and wait... and wait, but it seems that even a week was too long as it's sold out.  Everywhere.  Simply Soul was to be my initial choice of vendor but... gone.  I clicked over to Juno but... gone.

This CD is now the most important thing in my life!

I must have it.  Now!

I found a picture of it online which should give a taster of how it looks:


Sexy huh?  I'm now looking high and low for this and will post up some nice pics as soon as I find it.

Well done to anyone who was quicker off the mark than I was - I hear good things about the album so hope it's half as good to listen to as it will be to look at!

I'll keep you all posted.


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