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I finally tracked down the Shuya Okino CD that became the thorn in my side (you may have read about my obsession here  previously). 

I found it on CDJapan, which has again created more problems than solutions...  I've always meant to explore the answer to this question but does anybody out there happen to know why Japanese editions of CDs always have the bonus content that isn't available anywhere else?  There has to be a reason and I'm crazy curious about it!

Well, the bad news for me is that, on CDJapan, they’re all there… and more!  I’ve stumbled across things that I didn’t even know existed:  There’s a 12 track version of Jose James‘The Dreamer’, which features two more songs than the standard available-everywhere-else version; and, there’s a 13 track version of D’Angelo’s ‘Brown Sugar’, which I don’t believe contains any new songs, they just comprise of remixes and instrumentals.

Still though.  Two classic albums and, if I consider myself a fan and collector, I’m really not going to be able to pass these up. 

Most exciting though was that there’s a second album from J.A.M. which I didn’t even know existed.  I’ve looked elsewhere since and still haven’t been able to find it anywhere.  Yes, I bought that too – should arrive in the post any day now!

Back to the Shuya Okino CD though – excuse me as I’m yet to post up the pics I promised but will do so as it’s such an amazingly packaged CD.  The ‘book’ I talked about though features several pages of him just getting dressed.  Not actually getting dressed, the pictures are of him already dressed, just close-ups of him putting his jacket on and close-ups of his shoes and cufflinks.  No info about the artist, album or record label which is hilarious.  Just pictures of him "dressed".  The music's top-notch with great guest spots from Navasha Daya, Pete Simpson and N'Dea Davenport.  I hope to write up something more formal for the blog as I don't think the quality of the packaging should eclipse the quality of the music, but all I'll say now is that I really recommend it!


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