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Nick Pride +

We've had some really good feedback from the Nick Pride interview so thanks for checking it out guys.  [If you haven't, give it a click here].  LF, MF(I)D and the Blue-in-Green Sessions are always keen to stamp our names of approval on great new music so hopefully their release 'Midnight Feast of Jazz' will be that for you.

As much as we love great music, we also love you guys too, and as often as we can, we like to give readers of this blog as many treats as possible, so here's an exclusive from our Q&A with Nick Pride exclusive to readers of the MF(I)D blog:

What have been some of the highlights for the group so far?

Releasing this record and enjoying the attention it’s getting has been a blast.  It’s mad to think about how far the band has come.  Our first ever gig was at a fashion show after just one rehearsal. We didn’t have a name yet.

Since that bizarre beginning there have been a lot of little milestones – first tour, first proper release, first overseas airplay, first semi-naked bloke on stage, etc.  We met Candi Statton and we demanded a kiss each, I don’t think she could understand our accents.

But as for highlights, I feel as if we are really just arriving and all the best stuff is ahead of us.  I’ll have a much better answer for that question in a few years.

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I hope your first gig at the Fashion Show was successful. There are only few bands who shine and shimmer so I hope your one of them. Stay humble when you reach the top!

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