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'El Loco' / 'Boogaloo Tormenta' by Mankoora

Written by Imran Mirza

In an incredible bid to drag as much of the summer’s warm glow and enthusiasm into the winter months, Hiperbole Records unleash their latest three-man weapon, in the form of Mankoora, and their debut double A-sided single, ‘El Loco’ and ‘Boogaloo Tormenta’.

Hiperbole Records, the German independent record label responsible for  such releases from Renegades of Jazz and Audiophysical, introduce Alexander ‘Newton’ Bednasch (bass and guitar), Loopez (piano and organ) and David Hanke on production (also known as Mr Renegades of Jazz, himself), add Mankoora to the roster.

Vibrant seems to fall very, very short by way of a description for the eclectic ‘El Loco’ and ‘Boogaloo Tormenta’ numbers.  Take the most vivacious and energetic Latin rhythm you can think of, and inject it with a significant dose of a caffeine and sugar cocktail and you kinda get the picture – make no mistake, this music charges at you at 100MPH and should come with a parental advisory sticker warning listeners ‘For professional boogiers only!’.

It’s heavy on its horns, it’s heavy on its organ, its heavy on its breakbeats and it just oozes rhythm.  Mankoora will definitely be one to watch and here’s hoping this one picks up enough of a head of steam to warrant an eventual full length album release!


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