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What's new?

I really don’t think that I pay enough attention to contemporary R&B.  Most of my focus tends to go on my funk, jazz, soul music reissues, older artists’ back catalogues,  contemporary soul artists, the eternal hunt for the obscure, etc. but R&B gets, perhaps unfairly, discriminated against with the wave of dance/David Guetta-inspired production style, currently being embraced by mainstream acts including Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Usher, etc. 

Not that either of the aforementioned names are necessarily artists I’m likely to have checked for, but it just becomes a bit of a turn-off when it appears that this is the direction that the genre as a whole is moving towards.  Who am I to complain though?  Did you see the list of other music I have still to check for?  I’ve definitely got enough to keep me busy.

Having said that, some random late-night channel hopping (no this isn’t going where it may seem it is), resulted in me stumbling across a Top 10 countdown on BET of their R&B chart and discovering a couple of nice tracks. 

This brand new one from John Legend, taken from the movie soundtrack for the film, ‘Think Like A Man’, I’ll admit, is a bit cheesy (particularly with lyrics like: ‘Come on, let me kiss that;  Ooh, I know you miss that;  What's wrong, let me fix that;  Twist that’), but I can’t help but absolutely LOVE it.  I’ve never really been one to jump on the John Legend bandwagon – he’s immensely talented and a credit to the genre, it’s just that his music doesn’t specifically grab me, although he does have some undeniably great songs amongst his catalogue.   Anyway, it’s this one that I’m really digging right now.  

Another name that’s certainly not been an under-the-radar artist is Miguel, whose new album, ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ houses his current single ‘Adorn’.  Again, a fantastic song that I kinda sorta fell a little head-over-heels for as soon as I heard it. I first heard of him from his debut album and again unfairly relegated him to standard R&B fair, but ‘Adorn’ has definitely grabbed my attention and the album’s new purchase is on the way.  Very much hoping more of the same as below… 

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