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'Remixed Feast of Jazz' by Nick Pride & The Pimptones

‘Remixed Feast of Jazz’ by Nick Pride & The P!mptones
(2012, Record Kicks)

Written by Imran Mirza
Not content to have us still reeling from one of the most pleasant surprise releases of 2011, ‘Midnight Feast of Jazz’, Nick Pride & The P!mptones return in 2012 to stake their claim once again as being one of the brightest and brilliant UK names in funky soul music.
Hot off the presses, so to speak, the band deliver us with ‘Remixed Feast of Jazz’, unfortunately with no hardcopy pressed so only available to be purchased as MP3s online.  While ‘Midnight Feast of Jazz’ served as the band’s ‘interpretation’ of jazz music from the perspective of a soul and funk band, these interpretations are now offered up to new perspectives from an incredible array of producers who re-mix, re-interpret and re-imagine the original songs with fantastic results.
Smoove’s (of Smoove & Turrell fame) remix of ‘Waiting So Long’ (featuring Jess Roberts) makes the cut after already having found a home on Record Kicks’ brilliant compilation of last year, ‘Mo Record Kicks: Act 2’, but new to our ears would be (Daytoner's remix of 'Hug Lorenzo', Diesler's remix of 'Hotdoggin', along with other DJs and producers, such as Fab Samperi, Danny Massure and Wild Palms.  But it may be James Baige's rework of 'Lay It On The Line', which opts for a completely new groove as the song builds slowly around a nice guitar pattern, while still thankfully retaining Zoe Gilby's guest vocals, which might be the quiet show-stealer here.
We had previously described 'Midnight Feast of Jazz' as a versatile record to begin with, but remix albums always allow you to go that one step further, and that versatility has allowed even more sounds and styles to be fully embraced as dance, explosive soul numbers and even latin rhythms are littered across the gems on this album. 
In our exclusive feature on the band, Nick Pride not only gave us the scoop on this album when it was in the making, but also let us know about the band's other project in the works: "We have a side project where we’ve used some choice acapellas from different artists like Aretha Franklin, ODB, Dead Prez and totally re-imagined the music.  Like a mash-up but with a live band"... so we really hope that one sees the light of day as well!
Click here for our exclusive interview with Nick Pride.

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