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Southpaw - 'Illio'

For those of you that caught the live broadcast of The Blue-in-Green Sessions, Sunday 26th February, around 9:30am-ish would have heard a brand new song and first time play of the wonderful 'Illio' by Southpaw. 

I said it live on air, and I'll say it here too, there will come a day when many Starpoint DJs and presenters will know these guys and happily play their songs, and I'll consistently be happy in the fact that I was the first one to do so.  

I also mentioned that there were links to some of the band's material and other songs on YouTube so here's one to the excellent song itself. 

If this is the first time you're hearing this, then my friends, you're in for a real treat...

Special shout-out to the band's drummer, Jake Long, who's a fantastic musician, and I'm appreciative that he sent the song over as it's become a firm staple to the show's playlist ... as well as my iPod! 

The Blue-in-Green Sessions airs every Sunday morning, 8-10am exclusively on Starpoint Radio.

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