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More Spice

Thanks for those that have read our feature on the excellent new funk/soul act, Third Coast Kings.  If you’ve yet to, please click here for Liberation Frequency’s interview with drummer and band leader, James Keovongsak. 

As per usual, we always like to keep a little portion back exclusive to the My Funky (In)Disposition readers so here’s James discussing the band’s lead single from their debut – unmissable – self-titled album, followed by a look at the video itself.

LIBERATION FREQUENCY: Why was 'Spicy Brown' chosen as the first single?

JAMES KEOVONGSAK: It seemed that this track would work well on video and as a good way to visually introduce ourselves to the world.  We’ve had a few singles released on Record Kicks compilations, but never a video.  It just seemed like the best track to do, so we went with our gut instinct.

LIBERATION FREQUENCY: How was the video to put together?

JAMES KEOVONGSAK: The video took a while to reach fruition, mostly because we couldn’t decide on a concept.  All we knew was that we wanted it to look vintage and funky.  So we met with a local videographer and came up with a few ideas.  Once a location was locked down, we showed up and let the director work his magic.  Now we know to always trust the videographer!  All in all, it only took about two hours of setup and filming. 

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