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The Impellers 2.0

We've received a really positive response to our latest feature from brand new Legere artists, The Impellers, in support of their sophomore album, 'This Is Not A Drill', so a massive thank you to the group's lead vocalist, Clair Witcher for taking the time out to talk with us.

We have a couple of treats for our good readers in this post - not only did we keep that little bit back from our one-to-one with Clair for the usual MF(I)D exclusive, but we've also provided a link to a live video of The Impellers performing their much-talked about cover of The Ting Tings' 'That's Not My Name', which as discussed in the feature, appears on the group's album.

LIBERATION FREQUENCY: Where did the name come from?

CLAIR WITCHER: As I mentioned, we were called Ed Meme & The Forms, but when we signed to Freestyle Records for ‘Robot Legs’ we were asked by the label to adopt a much easier, punchier name. To be fair, it sort of had to happen as everyone was pronouncing ‘meme’ incorrectly, Craig Charles always called us ‘Ed Me Me & The Forms’! So we put it out to the band to try and come up with something... it took weeks! Eventually we came up with a short list and on there was a suggestion from our then bass player, Don, who had just started an apprenticeship as a marine engineer. He'd been playing around with a boat engine and seen an ‘impeller’ and thought it was a cool-sounding word so put it forward. We really liked the word and it's meaning so it stuck, we've been The Impellers ever since. Thanks Don!

Be sure to check these guys out.  And, as far as covers go... this one's pretty genius!


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