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Introducing Melanie Charles & The Journey

As if we couldn’t already hurl enough praise on to Nicola Conte’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g album, ‘Love and Revolution’, as being the finest album of last year – it’s also gone on to put us on to brand new vocalists including Gregory Porter, Nailah Porter (no relation to the aforementioned Gregory) and, as of a week ago, we’re now bumping the brilliant release from Melanie Charles & The Journey. 

It’s a little embarrassing that it’s taken me so long to think to type her name into Google to see what I could find from her – more so because she features on two of the absolute best songs from the Nicola Conte album, including the title track itself, ‘Love and Revolution’, as well as ‘The Mystery of You’.  Even though I’m glad to finally locate music from this talent, I’m still perplexed that her album with The Journey has actually been out since January 2011(?). 

Now the bad news, friends, ‘Introducing Melanie Charles & The Journey’ is only available as a digital-only purchase (available at both Amazon and iTunes) so no CDs or vinyl unfortunately, but don’t let that put you off as this 10-track gem is a gem nonetheless.  The Journey are as much the stars on this release as Charles – her vibrant and fresh-faced vocal has found a fantastic home with her accompanying musicians whose refreshing blend of jazz with contemporary soul and rnb is equally effervescent and delightful, particularly evident on ‘My Love’, ‘One in a Million’ and, for me, the album’s highlight, ‘Unfamiliar’.  Albeit, criminally short… really, really short actually… of the ten numbers on the album, only six are complete songs with four (although musical) interludes.  (A few choice remixes or alternate takes supplied at the end as bonus tracks would perhaps have made a nice addition?)

‘Introducing Melanie Charles & The Journey’ really is something to get excited about though and we’ll certainly be doing a better job on keeping up with new releases from the group going forward.  Keep checking the blog for more news and keeping up with the show for airplay info. 


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