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Dojo Cuts

Following on from the band's coveted '2from1 @ 9' feature spot on the Blue-in-Green Sessions, Sunday 5th August, this fairly well-timed post highlights the excellent, brand new video from one of Australia's hottest funk properties - Dojo Cuts.

Certainly on the show's, and this blog's, radar over the past year - since I heard their previously unreleased track 'Ain't So Low' on their label home's compilation album 'Mo Record Kicks: Act Two' from last year, Dojo Cuts seemed to have struck gold on their second release by garnering themselves a considerable amount of attention and solidifying just how much of a force they really are.  In a roundabout way, we've actually had a little bit to do with Dojo Cuts in the past, well with Nathan Aust at least who started a side project called The Liberators, another release from Record Kicks in 2011, and although, a considerable amount of the Dojo Cuts falvaour was brought along, that self-titled release dealt far more with afrobeat than anything else.  (To read our previous interview and feature with Nathan from The Liberators, please click here.)

Anyway, where were we...?  Oh yes, the brand new video from the band, 'Easy To Come Home'.  Aside from the fact that it's a great song, I really wanted to give some attention to the lead vocalist, Roxie Ray, who - in all honesty - looks unbelievably fantastic in this video.  Sounds a bit cliche, but I really think Ray is going to go on to do amazing things, not just with Dojo Cuts, but as a soloist as well.  Already contributing vocals to outside projects including Ray Lugo's LES Express, The Underbelly as well as The Liberators, Ray's in-the-works solo album could propel her to stardom. 

I really can't help but say it again, Roxie Ray looks captivating in this brilliantly put together video, so Dojo Cuts... The Blue-in-Green Sessions and the My Funky (In)Disposition blog salute you! 

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