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The 6/13 show...

I hadn't realised it had been so long since my last post - how embarrassing!  What can I update you on?  Loads, actually. 

My absense has partly been attributed to LF's Sci-Fi month, which we're days away from approaching.  Bernice has done such an amazing job in putting everything together for a fantastic month of articles, treats, news, podcasts, etc.  I think it's something you'll all get a kick out of.  And, I'm happy to say, it's something that I've contributed to as well.  I wrote this loooong article about sci-fi and music and how their themes can have such a huge impact on each other.  No easy article to write - it felt like having to prepare coursework for uni again - so much research and time, so I hope you guys will enjoy that when it's unveiled some time in October.

There are discussions about some artists who embrace the 'other-wordly' - obvious candidate is obviously David Bowie - but I also wrote a large chunk about George Clinton and how, well... you can't really get more 'other-wordly' than him! :)

Another artist, who isn't included in the article but who was on my mind when writing it, was r&b artist, Kelis (and The Neptunes).  Huge portions of her first two albums were so focused on space and aliens, and what they would make of us, and the quesion of life outside our planet.  Actually, remember when The Neptunes were obsessed with space - along with Kelis's albums, their own N*E*R*D debut, 'In Search Of...' asked many of the same questions.  Even their music was initially tailored to that theme with heavy synths, electronic whizzes and whirls flying all over the place.

Aside from that though, The Blue-in-Green Sessions celebrated its THIRD birthday on Starpoint Radio!  (The show actually started on air in 2006 but we've been aligned with Starpoint since 2009.  Can't believe it's been that long!?!)

Have I told you guys about the eerie start dates for my show?



The very first station I ever played at was Invincible Radio.  My debut date was initially scheduled for the 6th January 2006.  Due to technical problems that night though, I was unable to go on air so it was postponed to the following Friday, 13th January.

The second radio station was Elete FM.  Again, the debut date was set for 6th April 2008, but due to (I genuinelly can't remember what!), the debut was postponed to the following Friday, 13th April.

Noticing any patterns yet?

Which then brings us to Starpoint Radio... obviously we're broadcast live on a Sunday so that removes the eerie Friday connection, but which day of the month my start date was: initially scheduled for 6th September 2009, due to issues with keys (they couldn't get me keys in time), so... can you guess what happened?... That's right, we were postponed til the following Sunday, 13th September.

My biggest fear would be if I were to start at another radio station and for them to suggest a start date of the 22nd of the month.  I'd turn them down flat. :)

Thanks for anyone that's ever tuned in to the show.  In a few hours from now, I'll post up the 2012 Birthday playlist to whet your appetite for future shows.  Thank you.


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